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HD gyro-stabilised aerial filming

A simple phone call or email is all it takes to get your complete aerial shoot organised. With our highly-experienced crews and 21st century HD filming helicopters, you'll be surprised at how efficient aerial filming can be. FlyingTV was started by broadcaster Mike Smith in 2003. Since then, we've flown over 4000hrs on airborne filming tasks for every UK broadcaster.

Our 2 lead helicopters carry identical Cineflex Ikegami F30 gyrostab systems recording tapeless, full broadcast spec HD AVC Intra 100.

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We also supply a 3rd identical system for "flyaway" use on other helicopters and vehicles. This system can also be fitted to our available AS355 twin-engine helicopter when required. And we organise VIP helicopter transport for production teams, photographers and other media clients.

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Everything we do is based in our custom-built 8000 sq ft hangar and offices. Under one roof we offer complete media flying services.

Why choose us

Safety, flexibility, cost and efficiency. We offer the most competitive HD aerial filming rates. And we take your project from the germ of an idea through to delivery of the tapeless files in an easy, friendly and professional style.

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Safety. Our pilots are all CAA Instructors and we are an approved supplier to the BBC, Channel 4 and ITV. We fly under an AOC (GB 2128) for tasks with directors on board and are also pre-vetted by all the major H&S advisors including 1st Option. Our safety record has been clean since day 1.

Budget control. We appreciate the financial controls of modern production. We never spend more without your permission.

Experience. We have a passion for our work. And we realise that an aerial shoot isn't something that production teams organise everyday. So - we use our experience and commitment to deliver the best result at the best possible price.

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Recent work

Famous, Rich and Homeless for Sport Relief

Famous, Rich and Homeless for Sport Relief

Currently showing on BBC 1 is Famous, Rich and Homeless for Sport Relief. Lovely day, sunset and night aerials by us at Flying... Read more »

Recent video

Walkers Champions League Promo

So Walkers are now sponsoring the Champions League football. Cue Gary Lineker, a helicopter and a ghetto blaster... Aerials by us.

Recent photo

At the end of the day...

At the end of the day...

On our way home along hell-lane 'H4' over central London following a sunset shoot. Gorgeous!